Guide to Egg Substitutes

Operating as a complete vegetarian bakery, we understand the challenges you might have faced when your dessert recipe called for an egg. Here is your guide to bake with no egg and still keeping up that perfect taste and texture.

Eggs can be used for several reasons like the role they play in a dish’s texture, fluffiness, binding, moisture they add and also help the dough to rise when combined with other acidic ingredient.

There are substitutes that can perform the same role that’s essential for a recipe, however, be certain to select the alternate that has a similar role in the recipe. Banana and apple sauce can have their own taste in the recipe so if you are trying to attain a subtler essence, choose flax seeds, vinegar or buttermilk. Although, lot of chocolate can overpower the taste of banana or applesauce in some recipes.

Banana and apple sauce helps in binding and adding moisture to the recipe.

Flax seeds helps in leavening, binding and adding moisture to the recipe.

Vinegar and baking soda when mixed together, make the recipe light and fluffy.

Buttermilk is one of the best substitute to make the recipe moist.

Egg replacer and yogurt gives an unflavoured and unsweetened taste to your recipe.

Hope this helps.