Baker’s Must have Equipment’s

Want to bake a perfect cake? Here is the list of equipment’s you will need for that wonderful recipe.

1. Mould

Its no new that there is numerous quantity of baking tins that can be used in baking but to make a right choice about which one to have is a great deal. Important thing is to know what you are baking, what size you want and what shape should it be.

Shiny Aluminum tins are preferable over dark non stick tins. It prevents cakes from becoming too dark.,

Use Spring-form tins for cheesecake or mousse cake. You can even use non-stick tin with a separable base. The difference is spring-form is with a side clamp that holds the pan together while the other one can just be pushed from the bottom to remove your cake.

2. Spatula

Real player when it comes on to taking out even a bit of frosting left in the bowl. It easily clears the side of remaining mix or frosting stuck on the bowl.

3. Butter paper or Parchment Paper

Although you can always use vegetable oil or butter to grease your tins, but there are few recipes that will require you to use parchment paper as lining of your tin. For example, a gooey brownie can be a task to remove from tin without using parchment paper. Always remember to lightly grease the paper before spooning any mix into the tin.

4. Measuring cups and spoons

Baking is science. Always follow your recipe. It is essentially to accurately measure all the ingredients. While measuring, always remember to level them by using a knife.

5. Stand mixer or electrical hand mixer

Stand mixer is not essential to have but one important benefit is it saves time. You can use a hand whisk if baking at home but for regular and professional bakers, we suggest to have any electrical mixer, be it standing or handy.

6. Bowls

It is advisable to work with at least two mixing bowls. We use metal ones as they are easy to handle but you can use glass, plastic, metal or ceramic. Make sure you use heatproof one’s.

7. Piping Bags and nozzles

Disposable piping bags are perfect for decorating any dessert. Always have minimum 5 nozzles that can be used to make those flowers and twirls.

8. Sieve

One important thing while baking is to sieve all your dry ingredients to remove lumps.

9. Scales

Digital scales are perfect to accurately measure the ingredients in the science of baking.

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