Tricks to a Perfect Brownie

How do you like your brownie? Cakey or Fudgy?

Here is your guide to bake the best-ever gooey brownies ⌲

Use the finest quality chocolate and ingredients for that perfect flavour. We use Callebaut finest Belgian chocolate to make our brownies.

Melt the chocolate with butter before you add it to the brownie mixture. In case you don’t want to use butter in your brownie, melt it with Amul cream.

Always line your tray with parchment paper to easily and neatly remove those gooey brownies.

For a fudgy brownie, don’t add any raising agent in your brownie batter. We prefer keeping them dense and rich by limiting the amount of air in the mixture.

Never over mix your brownie mixture.

Check your brownie before the given recipe time. Use a tooth pick to know if the brownie is how you like.

Let them cool completely before slicing. If you wish, refrigerate for at least 30 minutes before slicing.

To decorate them, you can dust some icing sugar or cocoa powder or you can even frost them with chocolate ganache or drizzle some caramel over.